Talk on OpSec @ ITB Hacker Soc

Talks Nov 15, 2017

I gave a talk to the ITB Hacker Soc about OpSec. I don't have video, but I do have the slides. This is a talk that's going to go though a serious workthought becasue a friend of mine pointed out that not everyone has the tinfoil hat that I have... So taking on her advice, I'm going to change it up to show that what I am giving you is a set of tools that you can use, if you so choose to protect yourself to a level you find useful


Paddy Kerley

DFCS at TU Dublin's Cyber Program and talk giver TU Dublin Hacker Soc. Mostly talks about Cyberwarfare, NatSec, Infosec, Big Safari, Arms Control, North Korea, OSINT and stuff that goes boom

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