I Was On the Arms Control Wonk Podcast Talking About Investigating The PS752 Shootdown With OSINT

OSINT Jan 25, 2020

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I've used the Arms Control Wonk Podcast Slack as the basis for starting several of my own investigations into various different things and recently myself and some of the guys on Slack investigated the shootdown of PS752 over Iran by the IRGC.

While the regular hosts of the pod were aware that we were investigating, they were no aware of the extent of the investigation we had done and when I opened my big fat mouth on twitter and documented the scale of what we had done in the thread below, well... They asked me to go on and talk about some of things we got up to in our investigation

If you're interested in hearing me talk about the investigation and what other things we get up to on Slack, you can grab the pod in the tweet below and listen


Paddy Kerley

DFCS at TU Dublin's Cyber Program and talk giver TU Dublin Hacker Soc. Mostly talks about Cyberwarfare, NatSec, Infosec, Big Safari, Arms Control, North Korea, OSINT and stuff that goes boom

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