The Open SIGINT Box

Designed to track planes, spesifically out of Yokoda AFB and Kadena AFB, to get clearer HFGCS Signal out of Yokoda AFB and monitor marine traffic in the Sea of Japan also maybe waters around Japan/Korea/China depending on singal and antenna quality. The package is designed to track planes via ADS-B, Mode-S and ACARS for maximum chance of location. The Radio is designed to track all frequencies from 4 to 16MHz. Marine traffic is over AIS.

The package:

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Zero x4
Cluster Hat
Kinetic Avionic SBS-3
GP-1090 Antenna & AS-1090 Pre-Amplifier
Desktop Discone Antenna
Hand made PA0RDT MiniWhip Antenna
Mini Wihip Power Supply
MCX to PL259 adaptor
8' AIS Antenna
Assorted cabeling and extras
Cost Approx: 1600 EUR


  1. Maybe moving from a regular OS like Debian/Raspbian to something more like CoreOS if it runs on ARM-A53 becasue rkt and Tectonic are really, really nice tools and it's a smaller foot print in terms of securing the system and also size which hopefully will be snappier on an RPi
  2. Kubernetes over Docker to mantain containers and control lifecycle managment and failover
  3. FlightAirMap for ADS-B, Mode-S, ACARS and AIS decoding and visualising
  4. Using GNURadio over WebSDR so we can use more featureful tools like gqrx
  5. Integrating EAMBot from the team at to record messages and dump to a location where they can be listened to at a later date
  6. Shodan integration? Mainly becasue I can and it might have some intersting additions with data and maps as I learn more about the ADS-B, Mode-S, ACARS and AIS protocols


  1. Taking code designed to run IA-32 or AMD64 systems and making them run on ARM-A53 like Virtual Radar Server(may work via mono?)
  2. Making ACARS human readable (Don't know if such software is open source or commercially available)
  3. Put everything into docker/rkt containers and then put them up on a Docker Swarm nodes so we have failover
  4. Powering the system. It's a mix of 5V, 12V and 15V systems taking up to as much as 1A(don't even know where to start... But Full Bridge Rectitifier all the things!)
  5. Weather proofing/weather sealing the kit (Pelican case?)

Potential additions for 0.3

  1. RADAR integration mainly becasue that's what I'm reading a lot about and if a way can be built for something like IFF and integrated we could identify what plane is what in the sky when ADS-B doesn't work allowing for continued tracking of desired assets
  2. AIS maybe updated to include satalite data of ship positions since it's possible
  3. Addition of the 7' RPi touchscreen in the box to make it more than a dumb box you leave lying around

Change Log

A.) Addition of Software section
B.)Removal from Challenges of

  1. Taking ye olden code and make it usable on modern systems
  1. Taking pre-Alpha code and making it work as intended
  1. Hosting our own S3 like system/getting our own S3 account from Scott to host files from Recordara so we can listen back and build a baseline for traffic/keep messages if we need/want them
    Becasue this has been replaced by better solutions
    C.) Updated Challenges section
    D.) Added an additions for next update version
    E.) Minor cost increse to 1600 EUR for major extra features
    Thoughts or additions anyone?
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